Import Google Contacts

How to import Google Contacts into Google sheet?

Import contacts into Google sheet from Google Contacts

Watch a Video Tutorial

Watch this quick tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions below to find out how to import Google Contacts into Google sheet.

Step 1: Start Import Google Contacts add-on

From a new or existing Google Sheet, click on the Show side panel arrow (if the side panel is not already visible), and then click on the Import Contacts icon to open the Import Google Contacts sidebar.

Step 2: Select contacts

From the Import Google Contacts sidebar, click on the Contacts to Import drop-down, and then select which of the contacts to import.

Options include importing all contacts or importing contacts with a particular label.

Step 3: Select contact details

Select the data fields to import for the contacts from the checkboxes under Import Data.

Step 4: Import contacts

Click on Import to create a new tab in Google Sheets called Google Contacts.

See imported google contacts below.

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